It took our highly experienced and specialised team painstaking research, dedication, patience, time and skill to restore these verre eglomise panels to their former glory. The panels now sit pride of place at the Home of Compassion in Thames Ditton.

But what, exactly, is verre églomisé. Litterally translated from French, it means ‘glass gilded’, and is the term used for a process of gilding the reverse side of glass, and adding an elaborate design. Also known as back painted glass, the technique can be traced back to pre-Roman times but was a very popular practice in Italy between 13th-16th centuries, and it also had a revival in the 18th century. Today, verre églomisé is back on the agenda again, as interior designers and clients are inspired by its reflective qualities and the many creative opportunities it presents. From traditional, highly elaborate glass designs to more contemporary, stylized and graphic patterns, this traditional decorative art form is thriving at Will Foster Studios Ltd. For ideas on how to use verre églomisé in your next project, give us a call.